Hello there!
I've decided to create this Q&A page, to answer to common questions.
I hope this will clarify, and at the same time, allow you guys to understand me a little more :)

1. Who are you?
I'm Alanshiguohua. They call me Alanshi, and you may too :)
I'm currently a Relationship Manager in POSB, holding a Degree in Hospitality Management from Singapore Institute of Technology, UNLV.

2. When did you started blogging?
I started this blog on 11th June, earlier in 2013. Its more like my own personal space, where I would blog about my personal thoughts and lifestyle. Later with a short time spent, i was amazed by the decent number of readerships. So, I decided to also write reviews on a goodwill basis. And it was when, I received my very first task from Milligram Prints on 12th Feb, 2014 :)

3. Are you a blogger?
I wouldn't consider myself as one. Well, I blog as and when i feel like, not constraining to any pressures. But at the same time, if i got the time to, i will definitely fill this space up with updates/reviews.

4. What camera are you using?
I always loved photography, and were so exited to have gotten my Panasonic Lumix DMC-Fz60 on June 2013! 
As of now, pictures posted are usually captured with Canon 100D or Samsung Galaxy S6.

5. Do you do advertorials?
Yes, i do.
It may comes in a blog/instagram post :)

6. Are there any guidelines to writing advertorials/reviews?
There isn't any guidelines, for me. At the very least, give honest reviews because it is important that your readers are receiving the right information. Also, provides useful tips so your readers can be well informed.

7. What are your charges like for advertorials/reviews?
You may email me to enquire!

8. What is your Instagram username?

9. How did you gathered your followers on Instagram?
Personally, I think that inspiration and humility both plays very important roles. While, i'm always inspired by many humble and lovely individual out there, i always tried to be inspirational as well.

In additional to that,
1) Always use appropriate hashtags, if you're using them.
 (You don't want to spam your pictures with irrelevant tags.)
2) Always be selective when uploading pictures.
(Good picture quality and caption plays a part too!)
3) Always be kind & sincere.
(People loves hearing compliments and it doesn't hurt to give one right?)
4) Always follow people who gives you inspiration.
(The next thing you know, you've more creative ideas to post on.)

10. How can i contact you for collaboration?
You may email me at alanshiguohua@hotmail.com for any advertorials, sponsorship, reviews or any other enquires :)

  Got more questions? 
You may drop me an email or post them on my Ask.fm!

Warmest Regards,
Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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