Monday, June 27, 2016

Full review on Leagoo Shark 1

An awesome week with Leagoo Shark 1... 

And before i go about sharing my personal experience with Leagoo Shark 1, you probably want to refer to my previous post for a quick glance at this awesome piece if you've yet to!

For a new phone brand entry like Leagoo Shark 1, it's actually doing pretty fine, honestly speaking. With the everlasting battery life, i get to enjoy browsing through my favorite social platforms on the boring train rides, without worrying about the low battery situation. I no longer have to compromise my bright HD screen for a power saving mode, while catching videos online too. Speaking of which, it can also act as a portable charger for my friend too with its power sharing feature. Goodbye to portable chargers :)

As for portable wise, the phone itself is actually pretty heavy, but i guess its all good since i don't really mind. It's still within comfortable hand grip for me, and i guess that's more important in consideration on phones.

Dimension 158.6(L) * 82.8(W) * 8.5(H)
Weight 240.9g


We all have documents, messages or even pictures that can be really personal and this is where the New Generation of Fingerprint ID 3.0 comes in handy. I was amazed at how fast the unlock process takes, as fast as 0.39s! It offers privacy and security for your personal data with a little sense of classic design at the back of the phone. I really love this thoughtful function right here!

Performance/Security over Camera? 

If you're thinking to try this phone out, this is a question you might want to consider. Not that the camera is terrible, but  if you're comparing it to well-known camera phones like Samsung or iPhone, Leagoo Shark 1 still definitely has room for improvement i would say. But less on comparing, the camera is in fact pretty decent for daily life usage!

So, here are my two cents...

Camera 6.5/10
Value for Money 7.5/10
Battery lifespan 9.5/10
Performance/Security 8.5/10
Design 9.8/10

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In conclusion, i think you wouldn't want to miss out on this piece right here if camera function is not exactly everything you're looking out for a phone :)

Thank you @LeagooOfficial for the beauty set, and Soon Koon for the collaboration invitation!

Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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