Sunday, August 25, 2013

SIT Welcome Ceremony 2013

24th August 2013, Saturday
SIT Welcome Ceremony 2013

Seems like it was yesterday that I cheered for the crew like a fanboy would do, 
today we are here standing together on the same stage.
Its has been awhile since those heartfelt, years back was the last.
For sure, I'm glad a part of the crew was me, another precious moment were shared.
The care and concern to my injury was heartwarming, i couldn't be thankful and i'll be good.
Thank you so much for the stage opportunity, for its been worthwhile sharing the same stage with you all.
 Rowena & Yanling
 Definitely glad to see you girls too!
 Group shot
 The Couple item
And of course, thank you Jocelyn for the sweet lil letter and KitKat!
 And to you, the one who stood by me, all ups and downs. Thank you for every single lil thing you've done for me <3

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