Saturday, September 13, 2014

Common Man Coffee Roaster

13th September 2014

Today, probably mark my last day, 
working in Common Man Coffee Roaster.

I joined the crew early December last year, 2013.
Never would i imagine myself to be working in the F&B industry,
and whats worst, a place with 100% long queue on EVERY weekends.

Back then, i used to do closing shifts and it was what really got me closer with the rest. People like Jay, Mark Neil, Lucky, William, Kishen, Mavis and Manish (my manager). For those who don't know, closing shifts can be really fun too! Hahaha.

Presenting to you, William & Lucky! 

And as it goes, i got to know the rest of the part-timers better, like Wren, Kynna and Meiyi. They were really interactive, friendly and awesome! :) Oh sometimes, we would gossip too, yes gossip about anything, and everything under the sun. Hahaha, not to also mention, Common Man Coffee Roaster have the best baristas, like literally the best! 

Mark Chen, Xin, Lucky and May (who joined us a little later).
These people are nevertheless proud champions in their own craft (Latte Art champions & National Barista Champion) but always down to earth and humble! Hence, I'm always feeling proud to have known these guys!

The baristas may seems fierce at times, but trust me that each and everyone of them are probably the nicest folks ever around. They never fails to offer me my daily coffee needs everytime. And I'm always thankful for that.
Here, check out some of the amazing latte arts by my barista, Mark Chen!

Ultimately, these people are the reasons why work can be made look forward to. I've learn so much, both as an individual as well as a team player. I sincerely like to thank every one of them over the year, for the patience and guidance! In additional to that, i too realized the importance of SIDE STATION!
Just wanted you guys to know that, I had so much good times with you people, and will definitely drop by again someday soon!

And lastly, if you love dogs as much as i do, Common Man Coffee Roaster is also a place to be! :)

Till then,
i'll miss you guys.

Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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