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Introductory to GLAMABOX! x My September Box

Introductory to Glamabox!

It was about three weeks back, one of the best thing happened to me. I woke up to an invitation email from Glamabox, cordially inviting me to be part of their special blogger program! At the very moment, I couldn't be thankful enough, and already can't wait to share my Glamabox experience with you people! 

For those who are new to Glamabox like myself, its basically a beauty box that puts together various beauty products that are really useful and efficient for people like myself, having to live in a fast pace environment. Glamabox took care of all the different essential beauty aspects, from my face to body, with over a whole lot of prestige brands and products to choose from! 
And as soon as it is, i received my very first September Box from them! 
Look at the generous amount of goodies that i have received from Glamabox! I am feeling really blessed and thankful at the same time, to be pampered by them this way. Anyway, allow me to go through a brief product by product introduction with you people just so you too can realized the beauty of Glamabox like i do! 
Some of the products for my September Box includes...
 Sebamed - Visio Active Hydro Gel 5ml
Having to live in a topical country like Singapore, I realized the importance of having a well moisturized skin texture and Sebamed Visio Active Hydro Gel 5ml really took care of that aspect for me, always ensuring a well balance skin moisture for me!
RE:CIPE - Lemon Slowganic Cleanser 10g
Personally, i like RE:CIPE Lemon Slowganic Cleanser because 98% of its ingredients are from natural materials, also it can be use both as a Cleanser or Mask. Sounded pretty interesting isn't it? :) This helps to cleanse, as well as providing shining and brightening function to our skin!
ENITA - Lemongrass (2 in 1 Shower Lotion 40ml + Body Balm 10ml + Bergot Tea & Aloe Sugar Butter Scrub 5ml) 
 ENITA's product works like a miracle i would say! I can feel the soft smooth skin just right after one use! And whats better, it leaves a long lasting moisture on my skin! I am recommending the 2 in 1 Shower Lotion to people who has got dry skin problem like i do :)
ENITA Body Balm helps to moisturize and replenish the dry and uncomfortable skin that is suitable for all year round! I felt really comfortable and peaceful with the lemongrass fragrance!
ENITA Bergot Tea & Aloe Sugar Butter Scrub is enriched with Aloe Leaf Extract. It gives deep hydration and anti-inflammatory protection, which helps to calm sensitive skin, instantly repairs damaged cells and stimulate skin regeneration. A few other great benefits of this would includes boosting blood circulation, gently smoothing away dead skin cells and keep our skin refined and radiant. ENITA Bergot Tea & Aloe Sugar Butter Scrub is nothing but value for money!

exsicata - Hydrating Anti-Aging Night Cream 8g x 2
Who doesn't want to look young and radiance? But how can we? The answer to that will be exsicata - Hydrating Anti-Aging Night Cream! It aids in signs of facial aging whilst contributing firmness and hydration for a beautifully textured skin! This has got to be another favorite product for me, knowing that i really like products that shows immediate positive result like such :)
Olive Oil Skin Care Company - Handmade Pure Castile Body Wash
 Olive Oil Handmade Pure Castile Body Wash is a mild and moisturizing body wash ideal for the most sensitive skin. The body wash generate really pleasant smells, leaving a very vibrant floral scent which aids in acne, bruises, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory!
LSnP - Moisture Shampoo 10ml + Moisture Conditioner 10ml
Because its really hot and humid right here in Singapore, I always faced dry hair issues :( Do you? Nevertheless, I am really thankful to LSnP Moisture Shampoo & Moisture Conditioner, for my much smoother and shinier hair texture! The result were pretty quick i would say, probably due to the Grape Seed Oil that is included in the formula, which itself is a highly anti-oxidant and helps to create a protective case on top of the hair, leading to prevention of moisture loss and hair-splits.
Dermal - Rose Collagen Essence Mask 1pcs
 Masking is another essential yet neglected procedure. You are wrong if you think that masking should only be done by the ladies, or when we are older. In fact, you should do it NOW, regularly! Everyday, our facial skin texture is affected by the weather and condition around us, and certain essence needs to be replenish with the help of a mask. Having said that, Dermal Rose Collagen Essence Mask works perfectly to keep my skin healthy and clean, by supplying enough moisturizing to dry, rough skin, to make my skin brighter and elastic!
*All Belle - Oxy - Fibre False Eyelashes 1pair + Nail Art Patch 12stickers
I have no comments for this because its pretty obvious i don't use it! And so i gave it to my @zeezweng! HAHAHA! But well, i guess its pretty good and easy to use! 
(Having to hear it from her!)

Glamabox really ease the trouble for me to travel around, looking for effective beauty products. It puts together all the necessary beauty products that is most needed by my skin condition, delivering the best and effective products right to my door step, giving me positive result i would love to see!
I think Glamabox would suits you too! Either way, you can learn more about them on their official webpage, and make your decision from there! But for me, i am not at any bit, regretting getting to know Glamabox better :)
  Once again, a very big thank you to Glamabox, and the very gorgeous founder, Lisa S
I am just too fortunate, sometimes i really feel so :)

Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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