Monday, October 13, 2014

Perspectives x Chilling

It has been awhile since the last semester i had in university.
Well, nothing much, just chilling with life before entering a full-time position.
What have i been up to?
I've been occupied with photography, advertorials, sponsorship which i am always thankful for, and of course never the least, my zeezweng [insert many heart shapes] :)
Life is treating me pretty good thus far, plenty of quality times to do things that i always love to.

So yeah, thats roughly what i've been up to lately, and i am all good for sure! 
To my friends who are pursuing your very own interest and passion, keep doing what you love to.
And to my dear readers out there, keep doing what you like, don't stop, keep them going.
Its your life anyway, always be in positive vibe!

Oh also, i want to mention again, that you've a chance to win a @Casetify 40USD voucher now. And you may want to refer to my previous post to find out how!

Till then.
Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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