Monday, June 20, 2016

Leagoo @ First Glance

Earlier on in the late April 2016, during its first launch in Singapore, the very first batch was completely sold out to retailers!

Yes, its none other than Leagoo Shark 1!
A brand new smartphone that offers really as competitive battery life and camera functions as other big brands out there in the market.

And again, i was one of the really fortunate one to be receiving the kind invitation from Leagoo, to try the new piece out!

Having to pick among three different sets of colors, i went with the classic Champagne gold!

A Quick Glance: Whats in the box

The piece is running with Android OS, a very familiar OS to most of us. With its extremely user friendly interface, i find it not of any problem to browse around comfortably.

A few unique features that Leagoo Shark 1 got to offer:

The phone is coming with a best selling feature that is its impressive 6300mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery which is equipped with a 3A fast charge technology, delivering the best battery performance to date.

Since the first full charge on 30th May, it lasted all the way till 21th June, while it was at idle!

Full HD Screen
Its display panel comprising the LTPS technology coupled with a pixel density of up to 368 ppi brings users a really incredible viewing experience, not only for video playback but also while surfing the Internet.

Fingerprint Sensor
The phone uses the latest generation of fingerprint censors where its unlock speed can be as fast as 0.39 seconds, while still maintaining maximum security. Fingerprint ID 3.0 is a safe, comfortable, convenient and fast technology that gives users a brand new experience!

Leagoo Shark 1 is now made available in 3 colors, Starlight Silver, Midnight Black & Champagne Gold with affordable selling price at $399!

In about a week's time, my personal experience with the phone will be up in this space. Till then, if you're interested to find out more about this brilliant piece, it's all right here!

Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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