Monday, September 12, 2016


"Sudio represents elegant products with studio quality sound and exquisite minimalistic design. Our customers should be proud to wear and use our products. We aim for perfection in all aspects of our customer service and will always strive to give you an amazing experience with our brand." 

Sudio is certainly one of the brand i'm eyeing for and fortunately enough, i was able to work with them for my upcoming collaboration. Thank you for the kind thoughts, sending the beautiful piece over :)

And apart from elegantly beautiful, there are indeed no other better words to describe this classic piece right here. With its beautifully designed exterior, come along top notch music quality delivered.
Yes, its Sudio's Vasa Bla - Wireless!

I can't deny music plays a very important role in my daily essential. And it all boils down to earphones that are able to deliver the quality in different music pieces.

With comfort in priority, the wireless in-ear Bluetooth earphone was designed to prevent wire tangling issues, providing a hassle-free music appreciating experience to me. Its rubber neckband and rose gold finishing makes the earphones really fashionable and stylish as well.

Enjoy 15% discount off any purchase, simply by using the quote "loveautumn", kind courtesy by Sudio.
In additional, it's always free shipping worldwide. 
And i'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to miss out on this too,
Yes a chance to walk away with the elegant piece, Sudio's Vasa Bla - Wireless (worth $165SGD)!

Simply comment here on why you should win a Sudio's Vasa Bla - Wireless, what color do you prefer and tag 3 friends of yours who deserve the earphones just like you do. That is all you do! The winner will be selected and prizes will be delivered directly to you :)

So, best of luck and i honestly thought that you will love the awesome piece as much as i do!

Visit Sudio's Official website here,
for more information on Sudio's Vasa Bla - Wireless, click here

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