Sunday, June 30, 2013

Random note

Thought of ending off the fantastic weekend with a random note.

Of course, i have to mention about my visit to the Singapore Expo, Harvey Norman's End of Financial Year 2013 sale! It was definitely an eye-opening sight for me, because i'm really new to such fairs and clearance sales. But gadgets were really dropped low on price, and since i always wanted a camera, i gotten one as well!

Initially, I couldn't decide between Panasonic and Fujifilm, since both sides are giving me really good deal. But after much thoughts, i decided to go with Panasonic which the camera itself is made in Japan and has Leica as its len which i was told that it is one of the best lens out there. Hence since i'm not looking for those professional DSLR, and this happen to fall within my budget, i brought it :)

So yeah, thats roughly how the camera look like, and i also managed to bargain for two memory cards instead of one. Haha, no big deal but at least i felt worthwhile. Oh, on the other side, Fujifilm offered me a tripod and a memory card, which was really more tempting than what Panasonic could offer :( but oh well~

Anyway, for those who may be interested, i'll find sometime to blog about the camera's function and features!

Ps: I'm not really a Kpop fan, but IU is really adorable in Running man Ep 96-97. The way she go about ripping everybody's tag~

Okay time for bed, goodnight.

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