Friday, June 28, 2013

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ Causeway Point, Level 5

"Feast like these made me really sinful."
22nd June 2013, Saturday

Been to Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ Causeway Point, Level 5 last weekend for dinner! This was my first time visiting Watami and i was really impressed by their level of guest services, as well as the variety of food options. 
Those are the menus that they are currently offering. A quick glance on it, the prices were really affordable and definitely value for money. They had a special set, catering to about 2-3 persons at $59 and a deluxe set, catering to about 5-6 person at $129! For the main dish, side dish and drink, you're able to pick the variety on the right hand side of the menu. Oh lastly, they also offer "half price dessert entree" for any set that you purchase :) i say again, half price!
Watami are rather excellence in their service! The staffs were pretty welcoming and had our table clean up as soon as it is needed. I would say the environment and atmosphere was really comfortable and clear to dine in. Watami would made a good dining option for you guys out there!
Given a chance, i'd definitely dine in again :)

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