Monday, September 16, 2013

The Singapore Zoo.

14th Sept 2013, Saturday
It's family outing day, off to the Zoo.

 So much memories, no matter how many times i revisit.
Things has changed so much, ever since my childhood, those were golden.
Often, we just want to put everything aside, return to how we used to be, ignorance like a child would be.

King of the forest they call it, these white tigers is really beautiful.
You know, I can't help but really admire them deeply. 

This two ahbits really cute and lovely, fat like Michelin Tyre logo.

I was definitely fortunate, so have all these cute little animals posting for my shot.
In addition, I love that standing cute little thing, it was on its toe for me :)

Inuka the polarbear.
 I was waiting for it to move, but I didn't manage to catch this big baffolo in action because he was lying like this the whole time :(

And lastly, was the awesome performance by the seal! Or was it a sea lion? Haha.

 I really enjoy such trip, to places i always love going back to.
Its been a great weekend for me, i hope it is for you guys too.
Till then, do have a good week ahead people!

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