Saturday, December 7, 2013

KFC Korean Craze/Exam Week

First and for most,
look who liked my photo on Instagram...

Yes none other than the top few famous Singapore blogger, Yutakis!
 If you guys are interested, can probably read up more about him right here :)

KFC Korean Craze

So recently, i took part in this contest called the KFC Korean Craze!

What caught my attention was the Makeover Photo Shoot with the Singapore famous bloggers, namely Miyake, Qiu Qiu and Yutaki!

If you're interested, visit KFC Korean Craze Page for more info!
And I'll do a detailed post for my #KFCKoreanCraze journey when i'm done with my exam papers!
Meanwhile, don't forget to show your love by voting for me here!
Really appreciate it and big Thank You! :)

Exam week
Nevertheless, this has got to be the toughest week for the month of December.
Exams are all piling up and i can't wait for it all to be done with. 
Still, I managed to take some time off to drop by the library and guess what, it was definitely a fruitful one.

Till then, stay tune for more updates on #KFCKoreanCraze.
 And enjoy the joyful month of December, people!

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