Thursday, December 12, 2013



Finally its Holiday for me! I had a really tough time handling the semester but now that it is all over and done with, i'm thankful it is.
My smile couldn't have been wider if it wasn't for the holiday. Haha!
Oh did i not mention that my day couldn't have been worst, few days back?
Yes it couldn't have been. My laptop wouldn't work at all when i accidentally spill drinks on it. Yes, no one to blame, but my carelessness and fixing it totally cost me a bomb.

Now that it is all fixed, it looks like a weirdo with the new white keypads!

Okay the good thing is, at least its working again, and i'm more than glad that it is and my documents were all secured.

On the side note, Christmas is getting really near! The lighting and decoration in town looks really good too. Not forgetting, there was this piece of art work placed right outside Tangs Building and I was so impressed by it!

Check the details out! :) Its really awesome!

 Oh ya! I was also happy to receive my first Christmas present for the year. Haha yes its a watch. I wouldn't say that i'm a watch person but this one right here looks pretty nice and smart! :)

A new accessories for me to match around with :)
Okay, as much as i should be enjoying my well deserved holiday, i'm more concern about the time that i've to spend in camp for my upcoming reservice from 16 to 20 Dec. Sigh, i'm sure it is going to be boring in there.

Alright, thats about it for now. I will then do an updated post about my #KFCKoreanCraze journey when i'm all done with reservice.
Meanwhile, please show your support by voting for me here!
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The contest will end on 19th December, 9pm.
So i really appreciate all your time and effort for doing so.

*Pretty random but this song is nice! 
Till then,
take care everyone,
and be blessed with joy!

Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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