Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Valentine Day with StickyGram!

Happy Super Belated Valentine, People!
Look what i've received for my Valentine Day this year!

That's right~
An awesome Phone Case Cover for my Galaxy S4, together with a few cute little Magnets to come along with! :D
A very very BIG thank you to my one & only dearest, StickyGram!
(& personally to Hugo!)
It has pretty much been my honor, to have received these gifts from you guys :)

So, let us also take a quick preview on their Simple-Yet-Easy-To-Orientate Official Webpage!
 (Personally, I'd give their website a 4.8/5.)

My experience as a whole with StickyGram was more than fantastic and awesome i would say!
From the very start, I'm given a whole lot of options to choose from, from personalizing my S4's Phone Case Cover to making my own Magnets out of my Instagram photos!

A few simple steps to begin with for Phone Case Cover...

1) Firstly, select your Phone Case model!

2)Upon selecting your Phone Case model, there will be a total of 5 customized designs for you to pick from!
(Personally, i loved no.1 & 3!)

Not forgetting they have this very cool function (the one highlighted on the image in red box), allowing us to get a quick preview of how the design would look like on our phone!
p.s so we can make adjustments as accordingly from there :) - how user friendly it can be (Y)

3) Lastly, add it to your basket and we're all ready to receive the item within 4 working days!  
(Thats a really quick delivery period i'd say!)
And here, check my new S4 Phone Case out, together with some of my reviews of the Case ;)

The Phone Case fit really well with my phone! (You don't have to worry about the fitting at all!)
It also uses a kind of plastic material that is really durable!
The Phone Case is of really good quality, slim-line and has lightweight protection.
It is lightweighted too, does not add on additional weight to our phone!
3)Photos printed on the Phone Case was really clear and NOT pixelated! (Exactly to my preferences!)
Overall Review of the Phone Case:
Quality of the Plastic Material: 4.5/5
Printed Photo Quality: 5/5
  Duration of delivery: 4.5/5
Appearance/Design: 5/5

For payment wise, StickyGram also offers flexible modes of payment varies from VISA, MasterCard to Paypal.
On top of that, the promise to deliver the best product possible is definitely what makes Stickygram Outstanding! (Big thumbs up to that!)

At the same time, I was also told that StickyGram will be having their 25% off sale from the 16th of Feb till the end of the month! (Ending this coming Friday!)
Alternatively, you may quote 'FRIENDTWJ9' for a $2 off Magnets or $5 off Phone cases!
And Shipping is FREE Worldwide!

Here is the once in a life time opportunity to get these awesome gifts at a pretty much affordable rates!
Wait no more, and get your shopping bucket going my friends!

Warmest Regards,
Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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