Sunday, February 16, 2014

12th February 2014; Happy Birthday Micky!

12th February 2014, Wednesday.
Happy Birthday Micky boy!

Who is Micky?
He is this cute little boy over here! (or at least to my family, he is the cutest!)

Haha, for those who have followed me on Instagram,
should have gotten to know that Micky is the SHI Family's beloved dog!
He is a Jack Russell Terrier, known by many the super active & hyper breed :)
He is also pretty much a spoilt child, probably because every thing he do (good or bad)
we told him "Good Boy, Micky" :/
5 years ago, he was just a little puppy like this...

 But look, 5 years later, he is now all grown up!
And this boy can now...

1) Ride a bike!

2) Wear a cap, showing his Swagger-ness!

3) Groom with a flower, thinking he is a flowery boy!
(mummy & micky, the flower boy)

4) But at the same time, still thinks that he is a baby dog 
(something that doesn't change even after 5 years -.-)

Haha, there are just so much beautiful memories with this little one here,
and he has been bringing nothing but fun & joy to the family.

Sometimes, he is just like my another little brother,
my little soul mate who listens to what i've to preach, never ever complain,
a little angel sent from the heaven, bringing happiness across me and my family.

This boy, has been with us for five years already, and will definitely still be counting.
To make this year a little special for him, i also promised him a new drumstick toy :D

Look at how much fun he is having with his new toy already :)

Yes, at many times this boy can be really mischievous, barking, all naughty and playful,
but something i know for sure, i will always love him.

Happy 5th Birthday to you, my dear boy.
Please stick to us, till we're both old.
I love you, and the SHI Family does too.

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