Thursday, October 30, 2014

10000 page views x Thank you everyone!

First and foremost, i've reached my first 10000 page views!
I'd like to thank everyone for your very kind support all these while, it means plenty to me.
I have got to admit that, blogging isn't as easy as i think it initially is, it takes effort, time and dedication.
From doing my very first giveaway with Optometry Practice, to advertorials, sponsorship and reviews with various brands such as Casetify, Sticky9 and Glamabox etc, i've learn.
And certainly, reaching my very first 10000 has got to be something that i am proud.
Needless to say, I'll continue to work harder!

Hurray! :)

Also i'm thankful for the acknowledgement that, my photos has been humbly selected for a #ootdcampaign, top listed as one of the Top 9 for October!

Photo credit: @ootdcampaign

Whats #ootdcampaign?
Its another platform where brands discover their SUPERFANS and for fans to showcase their passion and support a cause! It was organized with the aim to discover and reach out to Fashionista around the region!

Having said that, i was honored to be selected as one of their Top 9 and voting ends tomorrow, 31st October, 2359! Result will be announced after which! At your convenience, you may also cast a vote for me if you want to, i'll be really appreciative of that!

Lastly, weekend is coming,
 and i hope all is good for you guys thus far!

Till then.
Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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