Monday, October 27, 2014

GLAMABOX! x October

Thank you Glamabox for my October box!
Ever since the invitation, i am always pampered, on every new month with brand new products that i really needed for my daily skin care!

For the month of October, Glamabox had a collobration with John Ho, explaining all the cute little cat design all over the box! So adorable!
ps. my zeeweng said the cat with mustache look exactly like me when i don't shave -.- hahaha.

Just like how generous they were for my September Box, Glamabox is just so generous once again for my October Box! Look at the amount of goodies that i am receiving from them! :)
Lets start off with my favourite product of the month...

NOELLE - Lime Grapefruit Body Mist 100ml
Unlike other body mist, NOELLE's body mist deliver a really smooth and pleasant fragrance to the area sprayed! Its a really refreshing, uplifting and luxurious body fragrance that lightly hydrates and moisturizes your body with Cell-Lifting Complex, while delicately scenting your skin with the fragrance of Lime & Grapefruit.

Michael Todd True Organics - Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask 30ml
I extremely love this one right here! Given my uneven and dry skin texture, this helps to moisturize, firm and improve skin elasticity and in addition, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. With nutrient-Rich Pumpkin and Glycolic Acid, it gives the best essential essences to the skin!

Michael Todd True Organics - Skin Loving Facial Wipes 30pcs
No other make up removal works better than this one does! I don't put on make up but i do use this to wipe my face because it aids to remove dirt, oil and make-up if any! The organic cotton moist towelettes are scent with refreshing cucumber and infused with a proprietary blend of Chamomile, Marigold, Coconut and Aloe to clean and refresh. In addition, its pretty portable too!

ISAWORKSHOP - Intensive Whitening Therapy Face Mask
Having problems with spots and freckles? Fear not because ISAWORKSHOP - Intensive Whitening Therapy Face Mask works perfectly to get rid of those! Probably because of all the essential facial essences that the mask has, such as Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C+E, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid, this mask works like wonder! It moist, firm, keep skin relaxed and soft, as well as providing anti-oxidant and wrinkles-diminishing effect for proper and effective skin replenishment!

FRESH LINE - Calypso Body Milk 10ml
Calypso Body Milk provides superior hydration, antioxidant, refreshing and softening benefits to skin. It is especially useful for people like you and me, having to lives in a tropical country like Singapore. And what we really need, is something that can hydrate our skin properly like how Calypso Body Milk does.

FRESH LINE - POSEIDON Body Milk Plastic 10ml
Similar to Calypso Body Milk, the POSEIDON Body Milk Plastic hydrates and soften skin. But one different is that, this one elevates minds and relieve tiredness.

Sofei - Horse Mane Extract Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment 35ml
This prestige brand, SOFEI originated from Hokkaido, Japan. The Nourishing Hair Treatment is produced under close guidance of Japan technical profession using lactoferrin and upgraded formula. It aids to penetrate hair root to elimate grease and residual chemicals, and at the same time repair capelin hair due by chronic exposure or dyeing chemicals. It also strengthen hair elasticity and build a healthy scalp, so that chance of hair broken is improved which water is allowed to lock within the hair. Not forgetting, it generate a total refreshing feeling upon using!

Alright, that is all for the month of October! I'm really thankful for all the goodies!
Also previously, there are people who enquire about the price for certain individual product. Just so you know, for any specific price enquires, you may do so by commenting in the comment box below or on my
I will response to you as soon as i can!

So, wait no more! 
Get yourself a subscription to Glamabox today, 
because you guys should be feeling exactly like how i am, happiness!
You may also want to visit their official webpage for more information! 
 Till then...

Alan Shi
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