Saturday, December 6, 2014

Deboss x Personalization x Handcrafted Leather!

Ever wanted a Personalized passport holder that belongs to no one else but yourself?
Love owning something, that is specially designed with your own thoughts?
Deboss is your whole new one stop service for it!

Thank you for my one and only personalized passport holder, Deboss!

Deboss started around November 2014, with the intention to bring across customization and personalization to the local target market, Singapore! With the perseverance to consistently source out for quality leather materials, all items are then sincerely handmade and stitched from stretch!

Deboss does handcrafted leather goods with the touch of personalization,
that aims to satisfied your wants and needs.
With their fine crafting, variety of options & sincere D.I.Y service, you will love it as much as i do!

Currently, their main focus is on personalized passport holder, however if you're looking forward to owning a customized wallets, card holders or even watch straps, hook Deboss up via their email @!

Charges for passport holder goes as accordingly:
Plain holder - 13 SGD
*Camo leathers - 18SGD

Additional of:
Leather stamping name tag - FREE
Charm - 1SGD
Metal Alphabets - 0.50SGD each letter (With a FREE leather strip)

Delivery Charges
FREE for all Non-Registered mails in Singapore
Registered mails - Additional 2.50SGD

To sum things up, Deboss are also having a generous Christmas Promotion just for you lovely people out there!
The Promotion goes as follows...

10% discount for 2-4 passport holders
15% discount for 5-9 passport holders
20% discount + 1 free passport holder for 10 passport holders or more

Wait no more!

Impress your love ones today,
with a personalized passport holder that bring smile across the beautiful festival season!

I always thought it would be perfect to own a personalized passport holder,
you know, those that belongs to no one else but myself!

So, look up @Deboss today,
& trust me, you're gonna regret not doing so!

Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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