Friday, December 19, 2014

Asian Skin Solutions

I've been troubled by acne and scarring over the years and it really does bother me, alot.
People who knows me, often were concern about my condition and advised me to do something about it.
But you see, its not like i don't want to, but i just don't know which facial clinic i can entrust my condition to, 
until i found Asian Skins Solution.

It was early May 2014, i started my journey going through a series of customized facial treatments under Asian Skins Solution and to my least expected, the result were really obvious.

For the first visit, skin condition will be analyze by a professional consultant.

I probably don't understand the scanned images but i was told that my skin is pretty dry and had inflammation within :(

From the analysis, they are able to better understand my skin condition and derived to customized treatments, applying essential nutrients that is most needed by my skin condition. A series of customized treatments was then prepared for me based on my skin condition, called the Collage Skin Repairing Treatment.

The very comfortable 2 hours Collage Skin Repairing Treatment includes:
1) Double cleansing
Cleansing and removing all the possible dirt and sebum from the skin surface!

2) Soften Mask
Hydrating the skin for healthier skin cells, and at the same time soften clogged and stubborn pores with the use of softening essence!

3) Lightly Extraction
Unclogging pimples & pore on the skin, and surprisingly the pain is bearable!  
4) Intense Collage Essence Treatment + Machine + Face Point Therapy
I personally enjoyed this the most, because it is really comfortable and cooling at the same time!
It helps to pump collagen extract directly into my skin for maximum absorption with the use of a device. This also boost collagen production which aid in firmer and much more radiance skin! After which, a pressure point therapy will be performed to detox and improve on my face's blood circulation.

6) Cream Mask & Treatment Mask
This helps to restores healthy cells which leads to a much radiance and glowing skin. It even out unbalanced skin tone for a better and brighter complexion! Ultimately, this aid to better control the oil production on my face, while providing the uttermost essential nutrients to my skin!

And after the treatment,
i always love seeing those radiance and glowing skin once again!

Thank you so much Asian Skins Solution,
for bringing back my long lost confidence,
and proving to me that i can entrust my skin condition to you.

Also, I would like to show my appreciation to...
My Professional Consultant: Frances 

And the ever friendly Manager: Arin

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Alan Shi
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