Saturday, December 27, 2014

Glamabox x Christmas December!

December, the season of joy and thank giving.
A month where happiness and love can be heartfelt, spreading around us!
While we're busy cracking our heads on gifts to get for our love ones,
never forget to show our big appreciation to people who remembered us all the time!
For that, i'm here dedicating this post to Glamabox, for the special Christmas Gift,
that lighten up the smile on my face, as always!

And, a cute little red ninja doll appear inside the box, that looks maybe a little like me :D Thank you Glamabox

Kim & Marc - Pure White Flawless Two Way Cake 15g + Jewel Eye Color 3g
Pure White Flawless Two Way Cake easily covers the spots and blemish on face! It also contains sun protection factor SPF15 and forms a protective layer to avoid the damage from ultra-violet rays. The formula helps to maintain the natural collagen and elasticity as well, providing a more radiant and transparent skin.

Jewel Eye Color is a luxuriously smooth, corn silk formula that provides eyes with a natural base and on awakened brightness. It is really easy to apply, simply just glide on smoothly and it last you a long shimmer.

NOELLE - Lime & Grapefruit Body Scrub 180ml
The body scrub is a refreshing, uplifting and richly replenishing sucrose micro polisher with a proprietary blend of natural raw materials and active ingredients that gently exfoliates ski debris, nourishes dry skin while boosting the skin's natural regeneration and protection processes to deliver healthier and more sumptuous skin. With added cell-Lifting Complex formulation, it helps to stimulate healthy protein production and cell renewal.

Bach - RESCUE Remedy Pastilles 4 pastilles
RESCUE Remedy Pastilles is a unique combination of 5 Bach Original Flower essences; Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. It help me to cope with varied demands in my life whether they are those everyday stressful moments or the bigger life changing events. Whenever i needed a little help with, i would reach for RESCUE Remedy to help me get on with my daily routines!

eFresh - Perfect Skin Therapy Face Cream with Green Caviar Extract 3ml + Green Caviar Complex 5ml
The Therapy Face Cream with Green Caviar Extract brings continuous improvement in my skin health and appearance, at the same time, offers immediate moisture and long term anti-aging benefits! It works best with Green Caviar Complex!

Green Caviar Complex contains continuous moisturizing  ingredients such as Alpha - Glucan Oligosaccharide & Aloe Vera Extract, that facilitate the transport of nutrients which favors cell renewal of my skin! It soothes sensitive skin, effectively improves radiance, elasticity and moisture to my skin.

COLLAGEN is an innovative serum that contains natto gum which its high-elasticity and firming properties keeps the skin young and well-nourished!

MALIC aids to promote removal of dead skin cells and giving it a more luminosity surface. It helps to obtain an even skin color and improves on the skin complextion.

PURE PEEL is a exfoliating gel mask that eliminates the layer of dead cells, accelerating cell renewal. After all, resulting to a more toned, smooth, uniform and luminous skin!

Shara Shara Girls - Water Girl's Ice Toner 5ml + Honey Bomb all in one ampoule 3ml  
The Ice Toner helps preventing oily skin, while tightening pores, brightening and moisturizing the skin. Whats so special about this, it has a Cooling effect which really refresh the fatigued mind of mine after each hectic day! My skin can be moisturized and restore its vitality after which!

The Honey Bomb all in one ampoule contains Honey extract, royal jelly extract and propolis extract that provide rich moisture and nutrition for honey glowing skin. Dull and wrinkle skin can be turned into bright and vital glowing skin with Honey Bomb all in one ampoule!

Smillson - Oat Nourishing Tea Moistening Bath Lotion (Oat + Green Tea)
The unique Bath Lotion is formulated with Oat essence and green tea distillation forumla to further moisten skin, repair allergy, remove dryness and is specially designed for the sensitive or normal dry skin. The natural oat and moistening green tea essences have plentiful foam and leave the skin tension-free after use! Regular usage of this leaves my skins moist, soft and healthy!

Victoria - LANOLIN Eggwhite Facial Soap 15g
The two in one Korean skin care product is made to provide significant efficacy for skin care. It can be used both as a mask and cleaner that helps to reduce pore size, removing blackheads, firming, whitening and moisturizing the skin. Definitely, it is a good fit for all skin types!

Once again, thank you so much for including me in your thoughts Glamabox!
Share Glamabox with your love ones today, and spread the happiness around too!
People who took the effort to be in part of your life, deserves to be pampered with the convenience and awesome beauty products, at least for me, i sincerely believe so :)

Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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