Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Milligram Prints

First and foremost,
Happy 2014 Everybody!

For start, I've a piece of good news to share with you all!
Please read on to find out more :)

Have you guys heard of the Milligram Prints?
If you've not, now you do!

What is Milligram Prints?
Milligram prints provides a really affordable printing alternative for you people out there who loved Instagram as much as I do! Basically, they do print outs for our favourite Instagram pictures in 7cm square! Not only that, their service is really fabulous, considering the fact that the photo printed out to be of such high quality!

Here are the bundle pricing that they offer,
4 photos @ $3.50 SGD (Nanogram)
12 photos @ $8.50 SGD (Milligram)
More than 24 photos @ $0.65 SGD per print (Kilogram)

We know that Instagram has probably became part and partial of our life, and taking beautiful pictures is what we usually would do on a daily basis.
And of course how awesome would it then be if we are able to now print those beautiful pictures out, keeping or giving them as a memorable gift, to our love ones, friends, or maybe even for ourselves!

Having said that, of course, me too have also gotten my first 12 pictures :)
And when i was asked to select my 12 pictures, I was already so looking forward to getting them.
As soon as i received them within 3-5 working days, i was just so impressed by their photo quality!

And with these cute little pictures... ...
  I can write someone a message and send it as a gift,
 I can decorate and paste them all over my wall,
 I can slot it in my wallet so i can be reminded from times to times on things that matters!

There are just so much meaningful things i can do with all these cute little pictures.
Milligram Prints has got to be the best kick start for me, for 2014.
Thanks to Kevin(Co-founder, Milligram Prints) & Milligram Prints, I am now able to keep and own those beautiful memories of mine, close by my side :)

Along with that, here are the good news that i would love to share with you people.
You guys now get to enjoy a 10% discount from Milligram Prints!
All you've to do, quote 'ALANSHI10' before you check out and you will get to enjoy the awesome 10%!
The Promo will ends on 28th Feb 2014, Friday!

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss the chance!
Start getting your cute little instagram pictures for your love ones, or even for yourself now!
They accept credit/debit cards and Paypal for payment and delivery within Singapore is FREE :)

Have more questions or doubts?
Check out their official social media pages now!
Milligram Prints!

Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

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