Thursday, January 16, 2014

13-14th Jan 2014 - Red & Black

13th Jan 2014 (Red)

Its like any other normal shoot, i told myself.
Not until my friends requested for these... ...

"Firstly, we going to spray your hair red."

"Also, can you let loose your fringe? Like don't comb it up?"

Okay, i guess its not going to be a normal shoot. Lol.
Well, its been awhile since i let loose my fringe, and that got me feeling like the poly days.

Putting that aside, we did quite a couple of the far away shots and personally, i really liked the first one on top. Probably because i'm fair, the red hair had pretty good contrast with me.
(yea alright, CNY came earlier for me. lol)

14th Jan 2014 (Black)

I did the second day with my lovely sister & mum.
This time round we did more of the upclosed shots and,
i liked most of the pictures we took on the second day!
Also, Micky came to play too :)

Micky: "Look, its camera! *Smile*" Hahaha!

For the past two days, i realized that i frowned alot on most of the shots, and i mean really alot.
 Anyway, if you were to ask me which do i prefer? Red or Black?
I guess I'd still love my hair being black.
Not that red isn't nice, but i guess i'm too used to my hair being black :D
Nevertheless, i really enjoyed myself very well for the past two days and i hope there will be more of such opportunities for me :)

Till then...
Alan Shi
Instagram @alanshiguohua

Turtlenecks are probably one of my favorite top!
Although I'm not sure if it is still in trend, but for me, i've always loved turtlenecks.
I think it matches very well with most of my clothing and is really comfortable to wear.

So, please do drop me a message on about turtlenecks if you're interested in getting them!
I'll be most willing to share with you on the affordable ones in Singapore :)

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